If a line/spread/total/event is posted which is an obvious mistake, the line/spread/total/event is void and all wagers placed (settled and/or pending) on this line/spread/total/event will be cancelled and all wagered monies will be returned to the players' accounts. Examples of obvious errors include inverted lines and lines that are substantially different from market value.

OBVIOUS is defined in the following manner:
* Obvious = Easily seen or discovered (Webster's II Dictionary ©1996)
* Obvious adjective = easy to see: easy to see or understand because not concealed, difficult, or ambiguous.

Football Rules top



All Straight Wagers lay -110/100 unless other otherwise specified.

In case of a tie or no action in a game:

Basketball Rules top



All Straight Wagers lay -110/100 unless other otherwise specified.

In case of a tie or no action in a game:

Baseball Rules top

Major League Baseball games are official after 5 innings of play, or 4.5 innings if the home team is leading. If a game is subsequently called or suspended, the winner is determined by the score after the last full inning, unless the home team ties the score or takes the lead in the bottom half of the inning in which the game was suspended. Then the winner will be determined by the score at the time the game is called. (This rule holds for betting purposes even if the game is suspended and /or completed on a different day than the event began). Wagers are only valid if the game is played on the scheduled date and site.

All baseball series wagers will be graded as action as long as the first two games have been played and completed. If a team is up 2-0 in the series and then game three gets canceled it will be graded as action. If the teams are tied 1-1 in the series and then game three gets canceled it will be graded as a push.

NOTE: Each team's starting pitcher is defined for betting purposes as the pitcher that throws the first pitch.

NOTE: If we provide a baseball series price for a series that has 4 games, for grading purposes, the wager is based on the initial 3 games.


Player must start season on active 25 man roster. If Player is on the DL to start the regular season, wager is No Action. regular season Games only.


First Five Innings Bets are listed pitchers and the game must go a Full 5 Innings to have action regardless if the game is called or postponed after the 5th Inning.

Team to Score First Props are action and will be graded as soon as the first team scores and once the home team has at least a chance to bat. If the home team scores first, that bet will be graded at that time and bets are action regardless of game suspension or postponement. If the visiting team scores first the bet will be graded once the home team has completed their at bat.

Will there be a Score in the First Inning Props are action and will be graded as soon as the First Inning ends, all bet are action regardless of game suspension or postponement, as long as the First Inning is completed.

Total Runs+Hits+Error Props are action and the game must go a full 8.5 Innings for bets to have action.

In-Game Betting Bets games must go a full 8.5 Innings for bets to have action.

Baseball Player and Pitcher Game must go 8.5 innings for bets to have action, and all players, listed pitchers, and batters must start for bets to have action

Player Matchup Props Game must go 8.5 innings and players must start for action


NCAA, NCAA Softball, and Little League

These games have action regardless of their starting or completion date. Any baseball, softball, or little league game ending as a result of the mercy rule will have action on all wagers unless otherwise noted. Bottom team listed does not necessarily bat last.

Horse Rules top


Hockey Rules top

For Player Total Shot on Goal, Player Total Points, and Player Total Points, Stats acquired during an NHL Shootout are not considered, only those during regulation play.


Soccer Rules top

Maximum allowable parlay for soccer is 3-team. Maximum parlay wager is $25.

All soccer bets will be settled on 90 minutes of play. This includes any time added by the referee in respect of injuries and other stoppages. In major knock-out tournaments, for example the latter stages of the World Cup, where a winner is required in order to progress to the next leg, bets are still settled on 90 minutes of play. Extra Time, Golden Goals and Penalty Shoot-Outs do not count.

Match details, such as dates and kick-off times, displayed on the website are for guidance only and may be amended or taken off the board at any time. Soccer bets will have no-action if the match is officially postponed with no make-up date announced or if the make-up date is more than 48 hours away.

If a match is abandoned and/or suspended all bets shall be void unless the relevant wagering option has already been decided. For example, a bet on the 'First Goal Scorer' will stand if a goal has already been scored.

Where a venue is changed, bets will stand unless the game is to be played at the original away team's ground in which case all bets will be voided.

For soccer wagering, in order to place your bet correctly you must predict the result of at least one game choosing either:

Should you parlay multiple games together, you must win all games in the parlay in order to collect any winnings.

Bets taken on 'Half Time Results' will be settled on 45 minutes of the first half plus any added injury time or stoppage time.

Bets taken on 'First Goal Scorer' will be void if the player does not take part in the game or enters the game after a goal has already been scored.

Bets taken on 'Last Goal Scorer' will be void if the player does not play or enters the game as a substitute.

Bets taken on 'Draw No Bet' must predict which team wins the match in regular time (90 minutes plus any time added by the referee in respect of injuries and other stoppages). In the event of the match ending in a draw (tie), bets will have 'no action'.

Future bets placed on 'Odds to Win' must predict the team winning the division, league or any other tournament and will be paid as soon as the said division, league or tournament has finished.

Bets taken on 'Correct Score' must predict the match score at the end of regular time (90 minutes plus any time added by the referee in respect of injuries and other stoppages).

Bets taken on 'Double Chance' must predict the outcome of the match based on three selections, either:

Bets taken on 'Half with Most Goals' must predict which half has most goals scored by either team in regular time (90 minutes plus any time added by the referee in respect of injuries and other stoppages).

When betting on 'Soccer Special Props' or 'Match Specials' you are required to predict the team or teams to win the game, event, tournament, competitions, match-up or any other situation within the game. Any cancelled or postponed game will cause the entire event to have 'no action'. Soccer Specials will be settled on 90 minutes of play.

Beach Soccer is based on 36 minutes of play (3 periods of 12 minutes) followed by extra periods and penalty shots, if necessary, to decide who wins the match. Bets are graded on normal regulation time (36 minutes plus any time added by the referee in respect of injuries and other stoppages). Extra Time and Penalty Shoot-Outs do not count for wagering purposes.

Asian Handicap Betting RulesAsian Handicaps are designed to eliminate the possibility of a draw in a Soccer match, reducing the match to two possible outcomes.

Asian Handicaps are applied to the match in order to make the prices more equal. It varies from Scratch (0) up to any number of goals in order to balance the odds and give each of the two teams relatively similar price. The handicap line increases from Scratch in 'Quarter Goals' or 'Quarter Balls', expressed as + or - 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/4, 1 1/2 etc. to reflect the expected superiority of one team over the other.

The favorite in a match will have a negative handicap and the underdog will receive a positive handicap. The negative is represented by a (-) symbol and the positive by a (+) symbol. The handicap will be substracted or added to the final score.

If the number of goals for each team are level after the handicap has been applied, it will be a push.

Split Ball handicaps: where the level of favouritism is between a half ball and a whole ball. In this case the bet is being split equally between the whole ball and half ball handicaps.

For example:

In this case, the wager is divided between a bet on the PK and a bet on the half-goal handicap. For example, if you back Chelsea for $20 to beat Liverpool with a handicap of -0 & -0.5 ( -1/4), then you have two separate $10 bets (at the same Odds, EV120 in the example) this is : Chelsea -0 and Chelsea -0.5

**Split bets are used only when betting on a quaterball, this rule does not apply when betting on half a goal o totals with a difference of half a goal. Another explanation for Asian, Quaterballs or QuaterGoalsQuarter HandicapsMany matches are handicapped in 1/2 and 1/4 intervals; both of which eliminate the possibility of a tie since no one can score a half-goal.

Quarter (1/4) handicaps split the bet between the two next closest -highest and lowest- 1/4 intervals. For instance, a $100 bet with a handicap of 1 3/4 will result in a bet where the customer is betting $50 at 1 3/4 and $50 at 2.

The intervals are like this (on a plus + or minus - line)
0 (Pk) ------1/4------1/2 ------ 3/4 ------1 ------1 1/4 ------1 1/2 ------1 3/4 ------ 2 and so on......
which will be the same as:
0 (Pk) --- 0.25 ---- 0.50 ---- 0.75 ---- 1 -------1.25 ------1.50--------1.75------2.

This works in the same way for totals
2 ------ 2 1/4------ 2 1/2------- 2 3/4-------3 and so on.....

An easy example on this is the next:Real Madrid Total Over 2¾
FC Sevilla Under 2 3/4

Customer plays $100 in the Over 2 3/4, and Final score of game is Real Madrid 2-1
Since the bet is placed on quaterball, wager was split into two bets.
This means $50 in Over 2 1/2 (which is a winner) and $50 in Over 3 (which means a push).]

For Soccer props transfer specials:

Golf Rules top

For tournament match-up betting, both players listed in the match-up must tee-off for your bet to be deemed 'Action'. The player with the most completed holes wins. If the players complete the same number of holes, then the player with the lowest score wins. If the players are still tied then the wager shall be deemed 'no-action' and all monies will be refunded. If both golfers in a match-up are in a playoff, the winner of play-off wins the match-up.

Should a tournament be shortened, or otherwise affected, due to weather conditions the official result will be used when settling, regardless of the number or rounds played. However, should there be no further play after a bet is struck that bet will be void.

Single day match-ups are wagers on the particular day's 18-holes. Single Day match-ups do not include holes played as part of a completion from the previous day's round or playoff holes considered part of the overall tournament score. Should a day's round be shortened, or otherwise affected, due to weather conditions and the round is continued the next day, the full 18 holes shall be considered in determining the outcome of the bet even if they are played over two days. Both golfers must tee off for action. If both players end the 18 holes in a tie, the money line wagers shall be refunded and stroke line wagers will be deemed 'Action'.

For single round-single player propositions, all 18 holes must be completed. For single round betting on match play tournaments, the players/team must tee off for action. 18 holes do not necessarily need to be played.

Golf Odds to Win: All wagers are action, regardless if the player plays in the tournament or not

Stroke Line Betting: In golf the lower score wins. If you bet (-1/2) stroke, your golfer must shoot 1 or more shots lower than the opponent. If you bet (+1/2) your golfer must shoot the same score or a lower score than the opponent. Example: should you bet Singh (-1/2) vs. Mickelson and Singh shoots 69, Mickelson 70, then Singh (-1/2) is the winner. If Singh shoots 69 and Mickelson shoots 69, then Mickelson (+1/2) is the winner.

In the case of a tie or multiple players finishing in the top 5 or top 10 position, wagers will be paid using full price value even on ties. (all ties include)

Rules for Finishing Top 3: In the case of a tie or multiple players finishing in the top 3 position, wagers will be paid using our Dead Heat Rule.

'Margin of victory' markets will be settled on the official tournament result NOT including any playoff.

Auto Racing Rules top

When placing a bet on the outright winner of a race all bets are action, regardless if the driver starts the race or not. Both drivers in a match-up bet must start the race for the bet to have action. In league championship betting, all bets are action regardless if the driver races in a race or not during the season.

The official winner at the conclusion of the race shall be the winner for betting purposes.

Rules for Finishing Top 3: In the case of a tie or multiple players finishing in the top 3 position, wagers will be paid using our Dead Heat Rule.

The race must complete the scheduled number of laps and/or distance for specific proposition bets (pertaining to number of laps and/or distance) to have action; match-ups, finishing position props and future bets will have action regardless. Races must be run within one week of the scheduled date for your bet to have action.

Rugby Rules top

If a match is abandoned or postponed (not played on the scheduled day) all bets are no action, except bets on the first try scorer if a try has been scored prior to abandonment.

If a venue is changed, bets will stand unless the game is to be played at the original away team's ground in which case all bets will be no action.

Bets taken on first try scorer will be no action if the player does not take part in the game or comes on after a try has already been scored.

All betting is for 80 minutes play only, i.e. extra-time doesn’t count.

Boxing / MMA Rules top

The official stopping of a round before the sounding of the bell does not constitute a full round. A full round is only considered for wagering purposes when the bell sounds signifying the end of said round. Boxing/MMA match must take place within 2 months of the specified date for your bet to be deemed "Action".

In the event of a draw, moneys on the fight itself will be refunded. However, specific fight propositions must come as stated, such as a draw, either fighter by knockout or decision or a specific round knockout etc. Rounds propositions will be governed by the rules posted on our wagering sheets or as stated at the time of the wager. In the event that either fighter does not make the required weight but the bout goes on, the following stipulations apply: When the bell sounds for the first round, the bout will be considered official, regardless of the scheduled length or title. The bout must have the original scheduled length to have action on a rounds proposition.

General Rules

Under/Over Round Betting

You're betting on: whether there will be more than or less than a certain number of rounds and time completed in the fight. A total listed on a fight represents the total number of completed rounds. The halfway point of a round is at exactly one minute and thirty seconds into a three minute round. Thus, 4 1/2 rounds would be one minute and thirty seconds of the 5th round. The halfway point of a two minute round is at the one minute mark. The halfway point of a five minute round is at the two minutes and thirty seconds mark.

WWE / Pro WrestlingRules top

Results settled according to first official result declared by WWE.com at the end of the live broadcast, irrespective of the method of victory and/or eventual title changes, given that a winner can be determined based on the declared result.

Bets void in cases should the listed match not take place during the event and/or should said match include any changes to the advertised participants

Tennis Rules top

For wagering purposes, a tennis match must go at least two full sets (for three set games) or three full sets (for five set games), for wagers to stand. If fewer than two full sets (for three set games) or three full sets (for five set games) are completed all wagers will be considered no action.

All bets will stand regardless of any of the following taking place:

For tennis Set Betting, if the match does not start or is incomplete due to either players' incapacity or disqualification, then all bets are no action.

To win a specific set. 1st, 2nd or 3rd set. I a set is completed then bets on the market to win that Set will stand.

Total Games:

The total will be the score of the two players combined, In the event of a match starting but not being completed then all bets on total games will be void, unless 2 full set have been complete then the wager will be valid. And a tie break is considered as one game for grading purposes.

Games Handicap:

Handicap is the TOTAL GAMES of a player score in the match. At the end of the match all of the games each individual player wins is calculated and the handicap applied to determine the handicap winner. A Handicap Tie selection may exist. In the event of a disqualification or retirement before 2 full sets have been completed, then all wagers will be void.

Cricket Rules top

Match bets will be settled according to the winner determined by official competition rules (including the case where matches are shortened due to adverse weather conditions or decided a bowl off), unless the winner is determined by the toss of a coin or the drawing of lots, in which case all match bets will be void.

If the match is tied and the official competition rules do not determine a winner, dead heat rules will apply to bets on the outright result unless the outcome is settled by a bowl off or super over, in which case the result of the bowl off or super over will stand for match betting. If the competition rules determine the winner by a toss of a coin or drawing of lots or higher seeding resulting from a previous round then bets will be void.

Fantasy Rules top

Fantasy props are graded based on Yahoo Sports fantasy lines. Scoring is as follows:

No decimal/fractional scoring.

Financial on Dow Jones, NASDAQ, S&P, and Bitcoin & Crypto top

Financial props bets are based on the last two digits (tenths and hundreths of a point) posted on the market at closing time.


Stocks market betting are wagers on a particular stocks closing price on the New York Stock Exchange in US Dollars. Wagers will be graded after the closing bell after 4pm eastern standard time, and reference with marketwatch.com. The bet is to hit the over or under on a particular stock price in a particular date determined by the Lines makers. In an event of a push, all stakes for that particular stock are refunded.


The Bitcoin price at a given time is determined by the [O]PEN price of the 15-minute candle beginning at the time in question, Eastern time, as published by Bitstamp.net's realtime BTC/USD OHLC-chart.

Live / In Game Rules top

In Game ("Live") bets are only available for those sports designated as live betting markets and only in respect of those matches marked as "live" or "live bets" or by a LIVE sign in the list of events or in a special file entitled "LIVE" on the Website.

An In Game ("Live") bet is where the End User is permitted to place a bet during an ongoing match or event up to such time when the site ceases betting on that match or event.

In an In Game ("Live") Bet for Asian Handicap bets, two types of scoring system are displayed on the Website:

(a) Where current scores or results are updated and displayed ("Type A Scoring"). The settlement of a bet is determined by the result of the final score (including the handicap) at the conclusion of the match or Period Betting (depending on the nature of the bet), minus the current score at the time of the placing and acceptance of the bet. (b) Where current scores or results are not displayed and instead a 0-0 score or result will be displayed ("Type B Scoring"). The settlement of a bet is determined by the result of the final score (including the handicap) at the conclusion of the match or Period Betting (depending on the nature of the bet). The End User is advised to verify match status before placing their bet.

Depending on the specific sport, selected markets may be offered for betting at the sole discretion of the site does not acknowledge or accept any liability whatsoever if it is not possible to place a bet or if the live score update is incorrect. It is the scores or results displayed at the conclusion of the match that are valid.

At all times, it is the End User's responsibility to be aware about the score and is advised to verify match status before placing your bets.

Unless otherwise stated on the Specific Sport Rules, any information, statistic or editorial text ( e.g. scores, timers or results) displayed on the website during an In Game ("Live") game situation are purely for general information purposes and should not be relied upon for betting purposes.

As with non-live bets, the winner of an event will be determined at the conclusion of the event. Protested, appealed or overturned decisions will not be recognized for wagering purposes and subsequent changes to the results will not affect the outcome of the bet.

The site reserves the right to suspend a market or not accept bets at anytime without notice. When a market is suspended any bets placed for that market but prior to being accepted by the site may be rejected at the site's discretion. Any bets accepted prior to suspension or cessation of the live market will stand, while any bets placed after live betting has ceased will not be accepted unless otherwise stated in the Specific Sports Rules.

Where the site has reason to believe or suspect that a live bet has been placed after the outcome of a live event is known or if delayed "live" television coverage results in a live bet being placed at the incorrect price after the selected participant has gained an advantage (to be determined at the site's sole discretion, (unless specifically the site shall be entitled to treat the bet as void without having to provide any reason whatsoever.

In the event of any technical malfunction, including the crashing of its website or suffers any downtime which hinders, delays or prevents the sitefrom accessing its website to update the score, odds or handicap, the site reserves the right to cancel all pending bets placed at the time of the incident.

With regard to live betting, the general rules concerning results' evaluation apply. Where a live event is interrupted in the course of play, causing the event to be postponed or abandoned, any bets taken on such postponed or abandoned events that are not restarted within 12 hours from the event commencement time or our discretion, (unless specifically provided for in a particular sports' betting rule) shall be void. The exception shall be for bets which have been unconditionally determined before the actual interruption of play. In such circumstances, such bets will be valid.


Period betting means the placing a bet on different segments of a game (e.g. quarters, halves, periods, sets, rounds or over's).

Period Betting, a segment must be completed in order for the bets to be valid.

Period betting, overtime or extra time is excluded in determining the scores if nothing else are stated.

Subject to the Specific Sport Betting Rules, period betting on the 2nd half shall include overtime in determining the score.


All bets placed before the scheduled games starts are valid. Those placed after the scheduled game starts will be void unless the bets were placed as part of the in game ("Live") betting service.


All of our odds are subject to fluctuation at any time.

We will accept bets only at the odds that are applicable to the selection at the time the bet is placed and accepted.


If an event is cancelled for any reason prior to its commencement, all bets placed for that event will be void and will be returned.


All bets placed will be refunded if an event is suspended or postponed, and not resumed within 12 hours from the scheduled commencement time or ace's discretion (unless otherwise stated in the particular sport rule). The exception shall be for bets which have been unconditionally determined before the actual interruption of play. In such circumstances, such bets will be valid.


The site reserves the right to suspend a market or not accept bets at anytime. When a market is suspended, any bets placed for that market but prior to being accepted by the site will be rejected. the site also reserves the right to cease betting on any markets at any time without notice.


If an incorrect participant (or an incorrect member of a participating team) or incorrect odds/price is quoted for any event or the site has relied on incorrect information to compile its odds or bets or wrong scores or details were entered during an In Game ("Live") Bets session or bets have been accepted in error, then the the site reserves the right to void such or all bets placed for that event or on such participant.


All bets that have been declared void shall result in the original stake being returned.

Weather Rules top

Wager on the highest or lowest temperature record on a particular day city or region set previously by the odds maker and score on the determent source , example (timeanddate.com).

The particular day is defined as 12:00:00 AM EST until 11:59:59 PM EST

Other Rules top

All other events that involve a scheduled length of play or time limit must play to their conclusion or have five minutes or less of the scheduled playing time remaining when the contest concludes to be considered official for betting purposes.

Table Tennis top

In the event of any of the named players in a match changing before the match starts then all bets are void. In the event of a match starting but not being completed, all bets will be void, unless the specific market outcome is already determined, or unless there is no conceivable way the game and/or match could be played to its natural conclusion without unconditionally determining the result of a specific market.


Statistics provided by the official score(s) provider or the official website of the relevant competition or fixture will be used to settle wagers. Where statistics from an official score(s) provider or official website are not available or there is significant evidence that the official score(s) provider or official website is incorrect, we will use independent evidence to support bet settlement.

In the absence of consistent, independent evidence or in the presence of significant conflicting evidence, bets will be settled based on our own statistics.

Official score providers: Flashscore.com, Betsapi.com

ESports top

Simulation Sports top

In the event of technical or network failure that interrupts our stream, we will pause the simulation and attempt to restore the stream. If connectivity is not re-established within 20 minutes, the event will be canceled and pending wagers will be no action.

In the event of a simulation game not finishing to completion, due to software crash or some other unrecoverable error, then all open bets will be no action. Bets already completed (such as on an earlier quarter) will stand so long as twitch has preserved video of the simulation up to that point.

Twitch will store videos for one week after they stream, available for review and audit purposes.

In-game commentary is generated by the simulation for flavor. Announcers may make references to previous game results, or upcoming game schedules, or injuries; these comments may not reflect the actual schedule and results of the simulated league.

In-game commentary may reference the current day as "Friday night NBA"; this commentary is for flavor and does not change based on the actual real-world day or time.

Simulation games are streamed live, or else streamed on a brief delay for technical purposes; for both methods, the outcome of any game is not known until it broadcasts to twitch.

All bets have action regardless of any in-game glitch which causes the game to mistake a rule, micount a score, or miscount the time, or perform another unexpected action, so long as the simulation continues playing to completion on its own.

NBA simulations are powered by Visual Concepts NBA2K20 run with "current team" stats, full rosters, 6-minute quarters,and AI difficulty set to "All-Star." Injuries are disabled for the purposes of continuity throughout the simulated season.

NFL simulations are powered by EA Sports Madden 20 run with "current team" stats, full rosters, All-Madden settings, and game play mode set to "Simulation."

MLB simulations are powered by The Show 20. Games are standard MLB 9 innings matchups with quick count

SOCCER simulations are powered by FIFA 20. Unless stated otherwise all games are 10 minute halves played on "Legendary" mode. All games will be based on Regulation time Only.

UFC simulations are powered by EA Sports UFC 3

Darts top

All wagers have action once both players have thrown a dart; regardless if they play individually, in pairs or as a team.

Darts handicap and totals offerings refer to the number of sets won, unless otherwise noted.

If the number of scheduled Legs/Sets in a match is changed or misposted, only wagers on player to advance will have action, handicaps and totals will be graded no action.

If a match is suspended/abandoned or postponed/rescheduled, and not resumed within 24 hours from the actual scheduled start time, wagers on the match will automatically constitute no action and be refunded.

Terms of Use & Policies top

We are not responsible for agent/player disputes, fraudulent activity, lack of payment, or any other aspect of the agent/player relationship. we provide a service to both players and agents with no financial responsibility to either.

Any player's agent found to be participating in fraudulent activity (i.e. not paying players, deleted winning wagers, etc.), unfair practice or any other negative dealings which are not consistent with our policies, will result in an internal investigation.

All customers' accounts at are private and confidential, and all calls are recorded on tape and held for disputes for a period of 14 days.

One account per person. Any violation of this rule may result in a loss of funds and permanent suspension of all accounts involved. Also, any wagers associated with said accounts may constitute NO ACTION.

All Terms, Conditions, and payoffs listed in this publication are subject to change without prior written notice.

Each client is required to identify himself by his account number and password on each call or login. The client has sole responsibility for their specific password and account number. Customers are responsible for any unauthorized use of their account. In the event that a third party places a bet or is thought to have placed a bet, said bet shall be valid, whether or not the alleged third party had the prior consent or knowledge of the customer. Under no circumstances will any bet be cancelled for that reason.

All players are to confirm their wagers with the operator at the end of the call using their account number and password. It's the responsibility of the caller to listen to the read-back from the operator before confirming the wager. If, for some reason, the call is dropped before the process is completed but we have received a wager type, team(s) and amount, the bet will be a valid wager.

No wagers can be cancelled once the caller confirms them and the call is concluded. The only manner in which a client can cancel a wager is to wager on the opposite side of the contest in which he initially wagered. (And lay the juice).

We do not report your transactions to any financial institution or government agency. It is the client's sole responsibility to report any such information to the appropriate taxable jurisdiction.

We are not responsible for any misrepresentation by any client upon application for membership.

We are not responsible for clients who disclose their password and account number to other parties.

The winner of an event, or game, will be determined on the date that the event is concluded.

In the case of an obvious error on the posted line, scheduled time, or maximum wager, any wagers will be deemed as " NO ACTION ", and all money will be credited accordingly.

Dates and kick-off times of events shown are for guidance purposes only. Bets will be accepted up to the advertised kick-off time. If for any reason a bet is inadvertently accepted after an event or match has started, the selection(s) affected will be made void.

The use of this site ("Company") and it's services ("Games") is restricted to individuals ("Players") of legal age who are residents of jurisdictions where the use of Company and its Games are not prohibited by law. All Company Games are void where prohibited by law. No purchase is necessary to play. Players may enter and play Games free of charge and without betting money. Players who choose to play for money do so at their own discretion and risk. As in any gambling game, there is the risk of loss of money.

By using the Games software, Players agree to be bound by the following:

  1. Player is at least the age of legal majority in the jurisdiction in which Player resides.
  2. Player understands that Player may play games free, or for money.
  3. Player does not find the Games to be offensive, objectionable, or indecent.
  4. Player shall hold the Company, its employees, officers, directors, licensees, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion or other agencies, media partners, agents and retailers harmless and shall fully indemnify the same from any and all costs, expenses, liabilities and damages whatsoever that may arise as a result of Player's (i) entry, use, or reuse of the Web site, (ii) use of any materials at the Web site, (iii) entry, use, or reuse of the Casino Server, (iv) participation in the Games, or, (v) the acceptance of any Prize.
  5. Player shall periodically review these Terms and Conditions posted at this Web site at a rate not less than once monthly.
  6. Player shall not participate in the Games, open, use or reuse an account, enter the Web site, or the Casino, nor accept any Prize if Player does not fully understand, agree to, become a party to, and shall abide by, without exception, all rules, regulations, terms and conditions contained herein.
  7. Members are solely responsible for their account transactions and should keep their account information confidential. Should a member give away, share or lose his account number and/or password the company will not be held liable for any claims regarding that account.
  8. Personal identity and details of all members will remain confidential. The Company will not report wagering information on behalf of any member. All rules, regulations, and payoffs contained herein are subject to change and/or revision by the management without prior written notice.


1. Introduction

(i)This User Agreement (the "Agreement") is an agreement between you and the website (the "Company") which governs your use of our Software (as defined in Section 4 below). The Company is fully licensed and regulated by the relevant laws of Costa Rica for the purpose of operating virtual casino gambling on the Internet. The Site allows you to play for the purposes of gambling on the Internet (the "Service").

(ii) No-one under the age of 18 may play on this Software or use this Service under any circumstances. We reserve the right to request proof of age at any stage to verify that minors are not using the Service. We may cancel a person's account and exclude a person from using the Software or the Service if proof of age is not provided or if the Company suspects that a person using the Software or the Service is underage.

(iii) At all times, you may only have one account, for which you will register using your own, correct name. You may not access the Software / or use the Service by means of another person's account. Should you attempt to open more than one account, under your own name or under any other name, or should you attempt to use the Service by means of any other person's account, we will be entitled to immediately close all your accounts and bar you from future use of the Service.

(iv)By using the Software or the Service you agree that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of this Agreement and you acknowledge that these terms and conditions shall apply to you.

2. Agreement

(i)If you do not agree to any of the provisions of this Agreement you should immediately stop using the Software and erase the Software from your computer. By clicking "I Agree"/"I Accept" at the end of the registration to our Software you are bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including any rules and instructions detailed in the Software (the "Rules"), our "Responsible Gambling Policy" and our Privacy Policy all as updated from time to time. You are bound by this Agreement in any event if you use the Service or the Software, including, but not limited to, initiating or making a deposit through the Service or submitting your deposit details to us.

(ii) We reserve the right to amend, modify, update and change any of the terms of this Agreement at any time and will bring such changes to your attention by either email notification to the address you provided us on your Registration Form and/or by placing an update icon on the "Lobby" page accessible when you use the Software. Your continued use of the Service or the Software will be deemed to constitute your acceptance of the changes to this Agreement. We advise you to check for updates on a regular basis.

3. Compliance With Laws

Internet gambling may not be legal in some jurisdictions. You are responsible for verifying and complying with the law in any jurisdiction that applies to you before registering. The Service is directed only towards users who are not prohibited by the laws of any applicable jurisdiction from gambling on the Internet. The Company does not intend to enable you to contravene applicable law. You agree to comply with all applicable laws, statutes and regulations in relation to your use of the Software and the Service. The Company shall not be responsible for any illegal or unauthorized use of the Software and/or this Service by you. Please consult legal counsel in the applicable jurisdiction if you have any doubts about the legality of your use of the Software and the Service under the laws of any jurisdiction that applies to you.

4. Intellectual Property

(i)The Company hereby grants you the non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use our software, including any software from the Site and all content derived from the software, including the copyright and all intellectual property rights therein (the "Software"), in connection with the Service in accordance with this Agreement.

(ii)The Service is made available for your personal use only. Any other use is strictly prohibited.

5. Your Representations and Undertakings

You confirm and agree that:

(i)You are at least 18 years old, or the age of legal consent for engaging in gambling activities under the laws of any jurisdiction that applies to you, whichever is greater.

(ii) All the details contained in your Registration Form as submitted or any details given when making a deposit to the Service are true, correct and complete. You will promptly notify us of any changes to those details. Should any of the information that you provide to us be untrue, inaccurate or otherwise incomplete, we reserve the right to terminate your account immediately and/or prevent you from using the Service, in addition to any other action that we may choose to take.

(iii) Your casino account is for your personal use only. You shall not allow any third party to use your account, password or identity to access or use the Service or the Software. You will not reveal your user name or password to any person or use any other person's account, password, identity or means of payment to access or use the Service or the Software.

(i) You shall not allow any person under the age specified in 5 above any form of access to the Service or Software. We take no responsibility for any third party access to your account and under no circumstances shall the Company be liable for any losses incurred by you as a result of misuse of your password by any person or for any unauthorized access to your account.

(iv) You have verified and determined that your use of the Service does not violate any laws or regulations of any jurisdiction that applies to you.

(v) You fully understand the methods, rules and procedures of the Service and Internet gambling in general and your use of the Service and Software will be made exclusively in accordance with this Agreement and the Rules. You will not commit any acts or display any conduct that damages the reputation of the Company.

(vi) You acknowledge that in registering and using the Service you have to provide us with certain personal details about yourself (including details regarding your methods of payment). While we will keep this information confidential, you agree that it may be necessary, from time to time, for us to disclose certain of these details to third parties and you consent to such disclosures. Please see our Privacy Policy for further information.

6. Prohibited Uses of the Site and Service

(i)Circumvention: We have developed and employ sophisticated proprietary technology intended to seek out and identify users making fraudulent or unlawful use of the Service or Software. You shall not break in, access or attempt to break in or access or otherwise circumvent the Company's security measures, nor may you interfere in any way with the Services or attempt to make any changes to the Software and/or graphics. If the Company has a suspicion that you have attempted to or may be attempting to break in, access or otherwise circumvent the Company's security measures or the Software, the Company may terminate your access to the Service immediately and/or have your account blocked, and the Company shall be entitled to inform relevant authorities.

(ii) Under no circumstances shall the Company be liable for any loss whatsoever sustained as a result of the unlawful or otherwise prohibited activity or conduct of any person using the Service or the Software.

(iii) Artificial Intelligence - Robots: You are not allowed to use any software program endowed with artificial intelligence, such as a robot, in order to assist you in your use of the Service. We constantly review the use of the Service in order to detect the use of such aforementioned software and in the event that we deem it has been used we reserve the right to take any action we see fit, including immediately blocking access to the Service to the offending user, terminating such user's account and seizing all monies held in such account.






11. Limitations of Liability

(i) You agree that you are free to choose whether to use the Service and do so at your own discretion and risk.

(ii)We shall not be liable in contract, tort, negligence, or otherwise, for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from or in any way connected with your use of the Software or the Service, whether direct or indirect, including, without limitation, damage for loss of business, loss of profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or any other pecuniary or consequential loss (even where we have been notified by you of the possibility of such loss or damage).

(iii)We shall not be liable in contract, tort, negligence, or otherwise, for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from or in any way connected with your use, of any link contained on the Site. We are not responsible for the content of any linked sites.

(iv)You confirm that we shall not be liable to you or any third party for any modification to, suspension of or discontinuance of the Software or the Service.

12. Indemnity

You agree to fully indemnify, defend and hold us, and our officers, directors, employees, agents, contractors and suppliers, harmless immediately on demand, from and against all claims, liabilities, damages, losses, costs and expenses, including legal fees, arising out of any breach of this Agreement by you, and any other liabilities arising out of your use of the Service or Software, or use by any other person accessing the Service or Software using your user identification, whether or not with your authorization.

14. General

(i) We reserve the right to modify or terminate the Service or elements of the Service at any time, without notice, and we will not be liable to you as a result of any such action.

(ii)If any part of this Agreement shall be deemed unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed to be severable from the rest of this Agreement and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any of the remaining provisions of this Agreement. In such cases, the part deemed invalid or unenforceable shall be construed in a manner consistent with applicable law to reflect, as closely as possible, the original intent of the parties.

(iii)No waiver by us of any terms of this Agreement shall be construed as a waiver of any preceding or succeeding breach of any terms of this Agreement.

(iv) Unless otherwise expressly stated, nothing in this Agreement shall create or confer any rights or any other benefits to third parties.

(v)Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as creating any agency, partnership or any other form of joint enterprise between you and us.

(vi) This Agreement contains the entire agreement between you and us relating to the Service. You confirm that, in agreeing to accept this Agreement, you have not relied on any representation save insofar as the same has expressly been made a representation in this Agreement.

(vii) We reserve the right to transfer, assign, sublicense or pledge this Agreement, in whole or in part, to any person without notice and you will be deemed to consent to such assignment.

(viii)You may not transfer, assign, sublicense or pledge in any manner whatsoever any of your rights or obligations under this Agreement.

(ix) In this Agreement, "you" or "your" or "user" means any person who uses the Service or the Software under this Agreement. Unless otherwise stated, "we", "us" or "our" refers collectively to the Company and its subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents and contractors.

15. Language Discrepancies

In case of any discrepancy between the meanings of any translated versions of this Agreement, the meaning of the English Language version shall prevail.

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